Join us September 27-29th, 2019 for our upcoming retreat!

A weekend getaway of health and wellness

For individuals & couples!

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Whether you want to come for the whole weekend, or just pop in for the day's events- check out our ticket options!  Spots are limited.

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Retreat Details

A weekend to upgrade your nutrition, fitness, & connect more with the important people in your life. 

What you'll learn:

Health/ Physical Fitness

  • Define your fitness goals and how they compare to your partner's or friends so that you can better support (and be supported!) those that matter most in your life.
  • Understand how to avoid relying on takeout and making poor food choices, even if it's only 'sometimes'
  • Make meal prep a breeze without spending hours in the kitchen
  • Learn which foods to eat for healthy hormone levels (testosterone for him & estrogen for her), and reap the benefits of boundless energy

Stress Management

  • Determine your  biggest stressors and the different styles of dealing with stress (HINT: how you can avoid fights in your relationship, disagreements with your boss, or get along better with other family members/friends)
  • Use improved communication skills to have more productive conversations that are less emotionally taxing


  • Keep the connection with your partner and loved ones strong. 
  • How to reconnect if you feel lost or disconnected from those around you.
  • Commit to your health  and help others in your life do the same

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Who's this retreat for?

 Couples or individuals who want a health check-in on their physical fitness, nutrition, stress but are unsure of how to get started.

 Individuals who are busy but genuinely want to find time to press pause on a hectic life and

take a weekend away to reset. Here’s your (legitimate) excuse to do so.

 People who are ready to prioritize their health and relationships and want an immersive

weekend with limited distractions to do so (does being surrounded by beautiful nature

count as a distraction?).

 Those who juggle a lot of responsibilities and want the professional guidance on how to

maximize their health and well-being because they know they’ll get better

results (and faster).

Any of these sound like you? Then you just may have come to the right place!

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