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If you’re looking to get healthier, you’ve come to the right place. We believe that a holistic approach to health is best. This includes taking care of your body and your mind. As two health practitioners from different fields, naturopathic medicine and psychology, we believe our expertise complements each other. We’re passionate about helping people make sustainable lifestyle changes to support strong physical and mental health. And making lasting changes isn’t just about you. For this reason, many of our workshops and retreats focus on including important others in the program. This often takes the form of romantic partners or spouses, but some of our retreats are designed to include other family members or close friends. We truly want you to be successful in achieving your health goals, and we know that including close others makes that more likely. Our philosophy to health and well-being is holistic, natural, and science-based. We draw on evidence about what actually works to inform our programs.

About Us

Dr. Jenn Belus


A clinical psychologist who specializes in couples. Dr. Jenn has worked with some of the top researchers in her field helping to get couples more connected and, in turn, living their best lives. She teaches and continues her research on mental health at the University of Maryland and lives in Washington D.C. Ask her about how yoga helped transform her health .

Dr. Laura Belus


A naturopathic doctor who loves making health simple. She believes that feeling fine is not good enough & when a couple teams up to support one another on their health journey, ANYTHING is possible. When she's not seeing patients virtually or in her Mississauga practice location, she's usually baking up some healthy treats or walking her Maltese, Chloe.